About Zoe the Portland Metro Business-Growing Personal Assistant

About Zoe the Portland Metro Business-Growing Personal Assistant

Zoe knows what it’s like to balance family and career. As a single parent, she coordinated all the logistics of child rearing and a full-time work schedule simultaneously. There came a point in her life that she realized she was doing all the things an effective assistant does—the very things she wanted in her own life.

That’s when she decided to turn what she is very good at into a career. She now helps the business professionals she partners with further their careers by making things run efficiently for them.

A Message from Zoe

I love being a personal assistant. I partner with my clients, providing them an enhanced ability to manage all aspects of their lives, both business and personal.

I accomplish this by being the confidant, coach, mentor and ‘go‐to” person my client needs. Courtesy and respect are at the core of my service. Managing all the details seamless is my specialty.

I invite you to benefit from my executive assistance experience. Take advantage of my culinary training. Discover what it’s like to work with a personal assistant who finds practical, workable solutions for every problem that arises. I enjoy choreographing everything so you can enjoy the music life so often seems to suppress.

Life is a puzzle that is a wonder to solve. I approach it that way.

I invite you to appreciate and use my skills and experience. Relish what a well-chosen personal helpmate CAN DO and will do.

Your life will be much less complicated.

And yes, I like pets!