Zoe Puts the “Z” in Amazing. But don’t take her word for it.

Read some of the glowing testimonials her personal assistant clients share.

Empowered Client Gets Web Coaching and Support

Web-Based Marketing, Business Mentoring, Virtual Assistant

I am so grateful for Zoe’s expertise. As a technically-challenged event coordinator, Zoe brought my event’s website to the next level. Not only did she offer valuable and constructive feedback, she empowered me with the tools I needed to make real, tangible changes on my own. After just an hour with Zoe, I feel much more capable of designing a website that engages people!

Anna F, Board Appointed Event Coordinator

A Woman of Many Hats: Zoe Comes HIGHLY Recommended

Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Household Manger, Time Manager

To begin, let me say that anything I could possibly write would fall so far short of the mark, I am having a hard time knowing where to begin...With that in mind....

When I met Zoe, I had been spending countless hours helping my father/boss to find someone who could essentially think of what he needed before he realized he needed it. Naturally, we went through quite a number of unqualified candidates as clairvoyance is not high on many people's lists of attributes. Fed up, I posted an ad on craigslist and somewhat sarcastically described my father as, and I'll phrase this gently, a somewhat difficult man to work with.

Zoe emailed, and we met. At the meeting, I knew I had found someone who could handle the challenge. And oh what a challenge it was. Zoe had to come in and not just take over systems, but rather reinvent them. Each time someone in her position would leave, someone new would come in and make more of a mess than before. Zoe literally seemed to come in and go back to the beginning of every file, every phone call, every email, every everything and reorganize it from the beginning. And she did it effortlessly.

Eventually, the office worked. It worked very well. My father functioned more efficiently as a professional from Zoe's work. He also functioned more easily in his personal life as Zoe took over the management of his bills, the day to day running of the things that simply took too much of his time but were necessary. She truly freed him to do more both as a businessman and a man.

The best thing about Zoe though was not that she was clairvoyant, not that she was organized, not that she was razor sharp intelligent...All of these things were clearly of benefit, but Zoe brings more to the table than simply being insanely good at what she does; she's also a great person to be around.

Humor, wit, discretion, social intelligence...really a complete package and really just a wonderful person to see every day. In closing, like I said above, it's difficult to do justice by Zoe in a simple recommendation. But I think you get the picture....”

Adam Wolfson
Sales Executive, Lofts on the 9~

Do-it-all Kind of Personal Assistant

If she doesn’t already know how to do it, she will learn quickly.

Zoe Johnson is a do-it-all kind of woman. She seems to know how to do everything, and if she doesn't already know, she will learn...and quickly. She is a rare combination of technologically inclined yet sociable and practical, yet creative. From being a virtual assistant, dog sitting, photo scanning, catering, writing business newsletters and elder care services...I can't name all the things this woman is capable of doing...

Elie Cole, Owner
Nourishing Medicine

Administrative Assistant

The back office no longer controls her life.

Do you ever wish you had an admin assistant - but don't have the budget or space to hire someone? I did. Each new level of success in my business created a sense of panic because my back office work was taking over my life. One day I announced, "I want two more days in my week!" Zoe was sitting next to me and said, "I can help you with that." 

I was a little nervous about turning over even routine tasks to someone else. It sounded tempting. I imagined how great it would be if someone would just take responsibility for some of the routine work so I could manage production for my clients. But what if she didn't perform and ended up with a bigger mess on my hands? I DID NOT want to have to supervise anyone. 

So, I tested the waters by assigning her a few small duties. Within a few a few days I realized I had just discovered the secret to managing life as a freelancer—hire Zoe. While I produce, Zoe takes care of my administrative and kitten herding. She's always there in the background, calmly moving things forward without needing supervision or a desk at my office. 

It's amazing—she just does what she says she'll do and brings back what I need. I love it. It's critical if I'm going to meet my future goals.Now I tell all my professional associates—hire Zoe. You'll end up growing your business faster and making more money.”

Lura Frazey
Writer/Communications Expert

The Personal Assistant Everyone Needs

Caters Engagement Party, Writes Grant Proposals, Coordinates Travel Schedules and More

Zoe Johnson is THE assistant that all of us needs! When you have more tasks than you have time or hands for, she's the one to call for help. Her creativity and effectiveness are second to none, and she get things done. Not sure if she can help you? Then just call; what she can do for you and the services she offers, amaze me! I've rented meeting space from her, and she made sure everything was setup just right.

I recently hired her to cater my engagement party and the menu was fabulous! She's helped others with newsletters, setting up databases, writing grant proposals, walking the dog, managed home and personal finances and schedules, organized work spaces, brainstormed marketing ideas and concepts, coordinated travel schedules and transportation...and the list is Virtually Endless! 

So the next time you need a Virtual Assistant, I highly recommend you contact Zoe Johnson Personal Assistant. You won't be disappointed, and she'll help you take care of those things that always seem to be on your 'To Do' list. 

I'm Zealous about Zoe! Hire her and you will be too.... 

Lisa Sudo Owner
Action Biz Concepts

Office Manager/Personal Assistant Started from Scratch

Approached Organizing with a Sure Hand

Zoe essentially started from scratch organizing systems from file cabinets, databases & installing the networking system for the office. It was a challenging project that she approached with relish and a sure hand; evaluating needed systems then implementing solutions.

Throughout the day she managed incoming phone calls, provided support to my legal consultants and was able to catch up on multiple projects: proposals, liaising with partners, accountants and soothing the ruffled feathers of my ex-wife.

She assisted with researching pro formas, directed Sales staff and addressed tasks associated with architects, city departments, licensing and AIA’s.

Much of my work is developing relationships along with real estate. Occasionally I would schedule a weekend meeting without Zoe’s knowledge, then need to put together an individualized proposal for an impromptu ‘pitch’. She would come in on her personal time to assist me in pulling it off. Her flexibility allowed me to continue developing those important relationships.

Zoe was able to keep track of my glasses, keys, medical appointments, bill payments, birthday reminders and gift purchases. Within weeks, she had learned my working and personal style, adapting and providing support in a variety of ways. She had an uncanny ability to ‘know’ what I needed before I’d mention it.

Suffice to say, I haven’t hired anyone since who has the ability to maintain a sense of humor, professionalism and remain as focused while keeping up with my frenetic pace. Is she capable? Irreplaceable? Absolutely!

Robert Wolfson
Developer Troy Street/Center Street/Lofts on the 9