Tips on hiring a professional personal assistant in Portland

Preparing for YOUR personal assistant in Portland OR

posted Apr 1, 2012, 4:01 PM by Zoe Morrison   [ updated Apr 17, 2012, 1:21 PM ]

If you are ready to begin looking for a personal assistant in Portland OR or anywhere worldwide, here are some tips for your search. Your process may encompass some pre-preparing in order to be ready to bring in a partner to help you with your projects.

Do your homework
  1. Do you have a list of projects and goals you want to accomplish?
  2. Do you know how much time you want to devote to each project?
  3. Research the costs of hiring a personal assistant to plan your project budget.
    1. The scope of your project will determine the compensation level you may expect for services provided. An executive level assistant will require higher compensation than an errand runner.
  4. Do you have tasks other providers can help you do to get prepared?  
    1. Unless you have unlimited financial resources and want an assistant to manage this process, consider the scope of getting ready as part of your preparation. Many assistant's have a book of referrals they can provide to help you get straightened away.
      1. Is your project area or office cluttered? You may want to consider hiring an office cleaner or organizer to do the heavy lifting and sorting (at a lower price point) prior to bringing in an assistant.
  5. What qualifications, experience and personality traits do you require from your assistant? 
    1. Answering this question will help you begin to define the ideal assistant for you. One resource to consider would be a household staffing agency who can also help define the costs associated in your market.
  6. What kind of time commitment do you require?
    1. An assistant who is on-call 24/7 to assist their client will charge a premium for services required round the clock. Plan your budget accordingly if you need to have someone on staff who is to remain on call for you. You may expect to sign an exclusivity clause with your staff member to assure they are available at a moments notice.
      1. Be sure the candidate you select has the scheduling flexibility you require.
      2. Consider burn out and allow time in the project schedule for your assistant to take a long weekend to rejuvenate from the demands of highly demanding work load.
    2. Do you need a travel assistant to take care of details, heavy packing, logistics and vendors while on the road? Expect to pay a premium for this level of service as well.

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