Tips from a personal assistant on implementing an action plan

Your action plan 

Having a clear strategy goes hand in hand with your mission statement and goal setting for the short and long term. Devising a strategy for all the steps you are willing to take can make your job much simpler. Rather than jumping around from project to project, which wastes time and money, focus on creating your action plan.

Nothing is static. Stay open to making adjustments as you move forward, keeping your overall strategy in mind.

Calendar your action plan goals

It sounds easy but where do you find time in a busy day or week to do ALL the things you must do to make traction? Setting that time aside on your calendar, whether 15 minutes a day or a devoted morning each week will help you stick to your action plan.

Where do you want to be in one month. Six months. Next year? Calendaring your plans makes sense since you can chunk your strategy up. Building a foundation is simpler (and less stressful) than thinking you have to accomplish everything at once. 

Know your strengths

Are you out in the community building relationships and DON'T want to be stuck behind your computer monitor. Will you REALLY make the time to work on 'social media?'. Be realistic about your commitment.

Having the idea but not following through with research, tracking or consistency can be an exercise in frustration. Being credible is important so don't plug in your idea until you have the time and resources to devote to your goal.

Accountability and Commitment

Do you have a partner who can hold your feet to the fire to keep you on track. Oftentimes knowing you are accountable to someone else can keep you moving forward with your goals and aspirations. 

Your commitment level increases when you know you'll need to 'prove' your mettle. A personal assistant can positively reinforce your action plan as a way to keep you motivated toward accomplishing your goals. 

Keep it fresh

Collaborate with others. Don't get stuck on one way of accomplishing your goal when there are so many fabulous ways to reach your target. Having a fresh perspective can keep you energized and moving  toward your goals. 

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Zoe Morrison,
Apr 17, 2012, 3:17 PM