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More Proof that Zoe Puts the Z in Amazing

When she’s not in the news, Portland Metro’s business-growing personal assistant, she’s making it happen. Learn more about Zoe, the personal concierge, and how she could make the difference for your business.

The BEE  Newspaper

When Zoe  moved from Detroit, Michigan, to Sellwood, she was delighted with the parks, the community and even the weather. But, despite her best efforts, she couldn’t find work here. Read more.

Metro Referrals

Zoe is a member of Metro Referrals, a business network of ethical business professionals focused on enhancing growth and potential of greater Portland Metro businesses.

Lets Share Housing

Zoe manages the Lets Share Housing website. Her experience helps her to provide member support, research & development and maintain social media for the company.

She is the host for Lets Share Housing bi-weekly Blog Talk Radio Show and puts the company on the map worldwide through iTunes and youTube programming.

Adult Placement Network

Zoe’s the powerhouse behind establishing Blog Talk Radio’s AdultPlacement Network program. She also coordinated the rewriting and redesign of APN’s website.